Friday, 13 April 2018

My first Term of 2018


My favourite thing that I did in the first term was Polyfest. Polyfest is like a culture thing that happens every year in Manukau. This year I joined the Tamaki College Samoan group and it was really fun because I get to meet and bond with new people I haven't seen before.

I joined the Samoan group so I can make my family proud and also practicing to be confident. When I went to my first practice it was really hard but then I started practicing and practicing and I got better at the moves. The hardest and the toughest thing was trying to learn the sasa and the words. 

When it was the day of Polyfest I was so nervous and scared because I kept on thinking that I will make a lot of mistakes and there were also a lot of people. After we performed, I was so proud of myself because I actually did it and there was just 1 mistake I made. When we were done performing we went to go change into our Samoan t-shirts and went around and got some food. What I ate was honey chicken and rice and got myself a chocolate Smoothie.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Tonal Value - Visual Arts

1. What did you learn from the Tonal Value exercise? 
I learnt a variety of Tonal Value Techniques and they are Tonal, Scumble, smudge, Hatching, cross Hatching and Accent Lines.

For cross hatching I did darker shades of Lines. How I did it was bye shading. The more lines I draw over the top of each line the darker it gets. The lease line I draw the lighter it gets.
I really enjoyed Shading it so I can get better bye shading things.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Tough Girl Tough Boy Challenge

Thursday 29th June 2017

On Thursday the 29th of june. My class and I went to the Helensville Tennis Club for the mud run. When we got there we had to get changed into our school T-shirts for the mud run. Then we had a little break before we started the race.
After that we went to the start line and started the race. It was very hard because it was slippery and sticky. It was also very disgusting because it smelled like dog poo.

When we finished the race we went to have a shower but not a proper shower we just went there to take off the mud. We weren't allowed to take too long because  there was a long line of people waiting. Then my friend Flora and I went to go get changed.

After that we went into the van and had something to eat. When we were ready to go I was so excited because we were going to Parakai spring. I had so much fun because we got to go to the waterslide it was so fun. After that we went to go had some dinner and we had some BBQ and it was really yummy and good.   

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Athletics Special Olympics at Mt smart Stadium.

On Thursday the 30th of March Whare Manaki were getting ready to go to Mt smart stadium for special Olympics. We all jumped in the school van and we took off.When we got there, we all walked to the stage and sat down next to other schools. 

Mrs Paasi gave out our school T-shirts and our school shorts to wear while we run . When we finished changing Mrs Hamer came and told us that the Warriors were coming. I was really excited. After that the 200 meters people had to go and they were getting ready to run. The only person that was running for 200 meters was Flora. When Flora got there I was cheering so loud to her. When they were running I saw Flora coming first but she came second because this girl came in front of her. When she was finished we had morning tea. 

When we were eating we saw the warrior's walked in to the field.I saw Shun Johnson we all went and took photos with him. Then the 100 meters people had to make there way to the start line and I was one of them. I was really nervous that I might come last but I came first. When I went home my family were very proud of me. 

Monday, 6 March 2017

My Weekend

On Friday, I had to wake up really early for school. I was really excited because we had Athletics day. When I woke up, I had to look for a red T-shirt because we have team colors like blue, green, yellow and red.Then I went to go have a shower and get ready for the day.

My siblings and I  hoped in the car after we got ready and went to the shops to get lunch. When we finished packing our lunch my sister Rowana and I walked to school with our friends. While my dad go drop of my other siblings to Pt England school. My younger siblings were very lucky because they had a school picnic at Pt England reserve .

When we got to school we each went to our own individual team. My team color  was called Rata and the other teams were Kowhai , Puriri and Totara. We had to practice our chants so we can support our team. It was 11am we walked over to the field we had to go sit down on the grass and all of the team one by one had to stand up and do their chants. When we were all done doing our chants we all got up and did our sports. We all had a turn doing sports at the end they announced the winner Kowhai came first ,Totara came 2nd ,Rata came 3rd and Puriri was last.My sister was very happy because her team won the athletics.

On Saturday my sister and I woke up early and come to school for our Samoan practice.The reason why I am in the Samoan group because my dad is Samoan and I wanted to make my family proud.
We practice for about 3 hours and I can't wait to perform at Poly-fest next week.

My dad came to pick my sister and I after practice because we have a family dinner celebrating my mom's anniversary. First, we went to the cemetery to sing songs to my mom she passed away because of cancer. After that we all said good bye to her and we all hoped in the car and we all went to a restaurant to have dinner. The food was really nice and yummy but I lost my appetite because I saw some squid and it looked really yuck. We had ice cream and cake for desert it was really amazing I was happy.After dinner all of us went outside to take photos and played tag just for fun. Finally, it was time to say goodbye to all of my family.When we got home we went to sleep.

On Sunday I woke up around 8.30 and we just stayed home and relax.

Hope you enjoy.  

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Week 1 Summer learning journey South Africa

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Image result for south africa waterfalls
The country I wish to visit is South Africa because I want to see all the different kind of Animals there and even little creatures. I'd like to visit South Africa because there is poor children who are out there with out any parents, I'm not saying that South Africa is a Bad Country I'm just saying that I want to visit because I want Kids and Families to have a good health and to also be happy.

One of my best moments that I am imagining right now to visit South Africa is to take good photos on the mountains and to also see a beautiful view of a Waterfall. I hope you enjoy my Summer Learning Journey, I will be posting more I hope you enjoy my reasons of why I want to visit South Africa. Thank you

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

2016 prize giving

2016 prize giving

Last week on Thursday we had our 2016 prize giving. The juniors had their  prize giving at day time and the students had there one at night time. It was the best prize giving I have ever had. I was so sad as well because I am a year 8 and it was my last prize giving ever.

There were a lot of people there and a lot of my family were there. I was in the kapahaka group and we had to put on black lipstick and eyeliner and our kapahaka costume. I really loved performing in the kapahaka group because we learnt a lot of maori songs and we also learn this lovely song called kapi oi oi.

I was so happy because I was so proud of myself and happy as well and my family was very proud of me because the faces were so happy. When the kapahaka group was over we went into the library and got chang into our our school uniform when we got change we went into the hall and set with the other people to watch the other performances.

I was so glad to watch the other performances because they were all so good and some of them were funny. I was so nervous  when it was the year 8's tern because I was in the front of the line and I was in the middle as well but it was OK because I know that my mum was watching me from heaven and she was so proud of me and my little siblings so I started to dance hard and it was fun.

After our performances my Burt came in the front and told all the other students to turn to the back and sang a song that represents pt England school. We were singing it to our parents.
Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.