Thursday, 6 April 2017

Athletics Special Olympics at Mt smart Stadium.

On Thursday the 30th of March Whare Manaki were getting ready to go to Mt smart stadium for special Olympics. We all jumped in the school van and we took off.When we got there, we all walked to the stage and sat down next to other schools. 

Mrs Paasi gave out our school T-shirts and our school shorts to wear while we run . When we finished changing Mrs Hamer came and told us that the Warriors were coming. I was really excited. After that the 200 meters people had to go and they were getting ready to run. The only person that was running for 200 meters was Flora. When Flora got there I was cheering so loud to her. When they were running I saw Flora coming first but she came second because this girl came in front of her. When she was finished we had morning tea. 

When we were eating we saw the warrior's walked in to the field.I saw Shun Johnson we all went and took photos with him. Then the 100 meters people had to make there way to the start line and I was one of them. I was really nervous that I might come last but I came first. When I went home my family were very proud of me. 

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